Mine Museum


The Mine Museum of Salgótarján was created in the section of the József mineshaft deepened in 1937 which remained intact. The Museum was opened to the public in 1965 as the second museum in Europe which was created in an original mine shaft. The surface mining exhibition was opened in 1986 in the building of the minig officer's apartment. The mine transportation skansen opened next to the building in the same year. The museum was in the care of the Nógrád Coalmines until 1993, it was given to the Council of Nógrád County and served az an exhibition of the Nógrád Historical Museum. The open-air machinery park was renovated and the new surface historical exhibition which shows the history of coal minig until the collectivization was added in 1995. On the 1st of December 2000 a new unit of the open-air machinery park was inaugurated in front of the entrance of the mineshaft. In August 2001, the machine fleet was expanded with a scale mine shaft. n February 2005, with the support of the Alpha program of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, a permanent underground exhibition space, renovated with new, authentic technical and experiential elements, was opened. Since 2012, the institution has been maintained by the City of Salgótarján, which since 2015 has been the Exhibition Site of the Dornyay Béla Museum.