The Sandstones of Lipovany


History and valueThe abandoned sand mine near Nagyromhány reveals the sandstones of the Romhány Section and the rock flour of the Csákányház Section. Here you can find the gray, weathered brown, ruined sandstone type deposit. At the bottom of the excavation, a lime sandstone terrace appears on the surface, containing a number of shell remains, e.g. Pecten pseudobeudanti, P. benedictus, P. hornensis, Chlamys gigas, Ch. palmata, Glycimeris flichteli, Cardita zelebori, Cardium burdigalinum grande, Lutraria sanna major and L. sanna maxima. There are also spectacular spherical stones in the sandstone, which were formed by the dissolution of former mussell shells and the cementation of the sand grains by a calcareous solution. The abandoned sand mine is currently a geological demonstration site.

In the abandoned sand mine, a resting place was established in 1997 for educational purposes. An educational trail leads to the site.Degree of protection: 4, Natural Monument