The Quarry of Camovce


Cannot be visited!

History and value

The former lava flood is exposed in its full thickness by the Csoma quarry. This is the discovery of the most significant lava flood in the Cseres Mountains. In the immediate vicinity of the basalt lies the gravel bed of the Béna Section, and below is the oblique sandstone of the Kenyeretlenpuszta Basin Section. In the basalt, the vertical columnar separation characteristic of lava flows can be clearly distinguished. Outside the quarry area, on the nearby Bénai cliffs, there is also a separation of terraces. The terraces are inclined towards the ridge, which proves the tortoise shape of the valley. Occasionally, a combination of columnar and terrace separation of basalt can be observed. There is currently no basalt or sand excavation in the two-story quarry. It is operated by PK Doprastav a.s., Žilina Joint Stock Company.Degree of protection: 2, Landscape Protection Area of Cseres Mountains.