Educational walkway Mačacia



Parking area – Mačacia Quarry – Bukovinka-brook (1,8 km)

Mačacia Quarry N48°10.921' E19°51.714'

In the Mačacia Quarry the most representative excavation of lava flow can be found. The expansive lava flow poured out from the volcano of Medveš about 2,6 millions years ago<strong>. </strong>The settlement called Mačacia was founded as a result of extensive extraction of the basalt mainly in the twenties and thirties of the 20th century. 48 apartment units, a school, 3 lodging houses, an office, a shop and buildings of customs and guard office were built here. This settlement started to languish after depresion of the basalt extraction and gradually disappeared. Nowadays, just walls and foundations left from buildings.<strong> </strong>There is an educational walkway in the stone quarry, which offers a beautiful view of both the Šomoška and Salgó castles from lookout tower. 
Length: 1.78 km
Surface quality: Other: 100% (1.78 km)
Total ascending: 39 m
Total descending: 84 m