The Headward Erosion


This geosite can be visited with restrictions.

The 14 m high sandstone wall on the outskirts of Sátorosbánya was formed in a gully. The ditch was formed by the abrasive effect of the water that flows periodically through in rocks of varying hardness in a way that the waters carry more and more sand from the interior of the mountain, so the ditch is increasing in this direction. This is the retreating erosion that is characteristic of the relatively fast-rising mountains and is the most typical example of the Cseres Mountains. Underneath the sandstone wall is a cavity dug by a vortex of falling water. With its vertical walls, the deep and narrow ditch formed during the temporary waterfall is also very spectacular.

A relatively maintained, unmarked trail leads to the site. Preliminary work has begun to open the site to the public.Degree of protection: 2, Landscape Protection Area of Cseres Mountains.