Anna-barlang (térképen)

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Lillafüred, Anna-cave

The calcerouos tufa cave at the bottom of the Palota Hotel's hanging garden, right next to the Szinva Waterfall, is a unique tufa cave, of which there are only a few in the world.The Sinva’s karst spring’s water has the same temperature during the hall year. 150-200 years ago the surrounding vegetation was covered bye a thin layer of lime. This layer was thicken, and made 40-45m thick travertino deposit.The cavities of the cave were formed at the same time as the rock formation, by the vaulting of the niches under the dense vegetation that leaned at the waterfalls, which were then further shaped by the water-seeking water of the springs.

The lime bark covered plant parts, moss braid, roots give a special look, they are reminiscent of these corals, sea sponge fabric, lace. Parts of plants covered with limestone bark can be seen in several places, such as oak macaques, leaf prints, pine needles, moss braid. The surface of freshwater limestone is perforated, light brown or beige. The water falls down on this rock (Szinva-waterfall) at the entrance of the Anna-cave.The most significant representatives of the cave's wildlife are bats, in addition to which 24 individuals of arthropod species living permanently or temporarily in the cave were observed.

After World War II, the visit resumed in 1953. The new electric lighting system was completed in 1955, and after several renovations, modern energy-saving LED light sources were installed in 2011. With the installation of new light sources that produce less heat, the risk of algae and mosses damaging cave formations is also reduced.

3517 Miskolc - Lillafüred Hámori sétány 1.