Survival tour at the Miocene Park

06/25/2022 11:45 AM - 1:45 PM

Survival tour at the Miocene Park

Theme for the brave: Diving in the past from the Bükkábrány trees of the Pannonian lake through a volcanic disaster to prehistoric sharks of a shallow sea at the Fossils of Ipolytarnoc.

A survival tour is organized to a vanished era through the tactile exhibitions of the Ancient Pine Visitor Centre to the Bükkábrány trees, and then to the world-famous excavations of the geological trail after escaping from the Miocene forest.

Preregistering is needed sent to till June 24.
Meeting at the Visitor Centre at 11:45
Tour length: 2.2 km, duration: 2 hours
Participation: HUF 3000 / person