Ilona Valley Geological Nature Trail


Parádfürdő – Ilona Valley Geological Nature Trail

This nature trail established along the Ilona Stream gives an introduction to the geological values of the East Mátra Mountains and the mementoes of the former ore mining linked in a tourist path 6.5 km in length. The Ilona Valley is a boundary between the formations of the Eocene and Miocene volcanic formations (stained ore containing veins related to the stratovolcanic andesite and the Miocen andesite veins) and the Oligocene marine sedimentary rocks. The Etelka Adit opened by Baron Orczy in 1780, the Timsós Quarry, the Szent István (King St. Stephen) aerated spring (‘csevice’) well, the Ördöggátak (Devil’s Banks – andesite vein intruded between the continental sandstone and rhyolite tuff during the Miocene) as well as the Waterfalls of the Ilona Valley falling down on the 8-10 m high rock wall built up of pyroxene andesite are indicated by stops.

Length: 5.65 km
Timespan: 3:00:00
Difficulty:  7
Surface quality: Other: 53% (3 km); Dirt: 16% (904.64 m); Gavel: 5% (282.7 m); Rocky: 5% (282.7 m); Asphalt: 21% (1.19 km)
Total ascending: 22 m
Total descending: 242 m