BvGeopark film at filmfestival 08/24/2023 11:57 AM

BvGeopark film at filmfestival

BvGeopark film at filmfestival

The Bükk-Region Geopark is preparing for the 10th International Conference on UNESCO Global Geoparks. The conference will be held in Marrakesh, a royal city of Morocco, from 7-9 September. It will be hosted by the UNESCO Global Geopark M'goun in Morocco, which is making history, as this is the first time a UNESCO Global Geoparks Conference will be held on the continent.

Several geopark-related events will coincide with the conference. One of them is the 2nd UNESCO Global Geoparks International Film Festival, for which the Bükk-Region Aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark has been nominated.

For more information about the 10th UNESCO Global Geoparks Conference, please visit:

The videos entered for the 10th UNESCO Global Geoparks International Film Festival A2 can be found here: