Volcano tour of the Volcano Day at Ipolytarnoc

06/01/2020 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Volcano tour of the Volcano Day at Ipolytarnoc

A volcanic catastrophe destroyed the prehistoric Ipolytarnoc some 17 million years ago. To commemorate that event and to celebrate the Volcano Day (the 1st of June) of our old continent during the European Geoparks Week, a thematic, guided volcano tour is organized.

The tour starts at 11 am at the Visitor Centre and through the Miocene forest and geological trail leads back to its starting point, while crossing the Miocene-Pliocene diverse volcanic rocks of the open-air rock park.

Ticket price: 1 600 HUF

This program substitutes the usual indoor volcano show, which event had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus restrictions.

A report reminder of the last year's traditional volcano day!

Professor Szabolcs Harangi volcanologist and two school teachers investigate the area for volcanic hazards, hit by a modelled miniature eruption