EGN Week and a Volcano Day at the Fossils

05/23/2021 7:35 AM - 06/06/2021 5:00 PM


The European Geoparks Network (EGN), which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year celebrates the geoheritage of our old continent by a special event each year. Due to the still valid pandemic restrictions no indoor events will be organized, but with some special outdoor programs the Ipolytarnoc Fossils joins to the EGN event.

The European Geoparks Week, taking place between May 24 and June 6 this year, is a European – wide festival of Geoparks aimed at raising public awareness of geoconservation and promotion of the geological heritage as well as events aimed at informing the wide public about geotouristic and educational activities in geoparks.The geological heritage of the Novohrad-Nograd UNESCO Global Geopark is well interpreted at its main gateway, the Ipolytarnoc Fossils, where guided tours and interactive exhibitions educate and entertain the visitors.

The Volcano Day is held on June 1 all around the EGN, including our Site.
The main event during the Volcano Day is usually the interactive Volcano show, after the pandemic we will introduce it again!

Rhyolite tuff above rhinoceros footprints at the geological trail Rhyolite tuff above rhinoceros footprints at the geological trail

Instead of this indoor event a 2 hour-long thematic guided tour starting from the visitor centre at 11 A.M. will commemorate the volcanism of the Carpathian-basin.

Andesite rocks on a study-trail

One can attend it for the price of the geological tour-ticket, you are invited.
Report on the last year's program.